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Date(s) 1/22/2021 - 1/25/2021
Date(s) 1/19/2021 - 1/26/2021
Bidding Notice: Online only bidding with Staggered Soft Closing - One item closing every 30 sec.beginning 7pm, on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Items receiving bids within 2 min of closing will extend bidding on that item for 2 min.
Auction Notice: PREVIEW - SAT. Jan 16 - Both Locations Jan. 16 9:30am -12pm – Red Oak Location -- LOTS 100 - 291 Jan. 16; 1-3pm – Drakes Branch Location -- LOTS 300 - 533
Shipping Available
Date(s) 1/16/2021 - 1/28/2021
Bidding Notice: Online only - Lots start ending (soft close) 6:00PM 1/28/2021 Payment is now done online through link provided with invoice after auction. Pick up Friday, January 29th 9AM-2PM LOOK FOR EMAIL THAT SAYS - Online auction invoice USE THIS EMAIL for link to pay
Auction Notice: A 13.5% buyer fee will be added to all winning bids. A 3.5% discount will be given for echeck payments, however you MUST respond to invoice email and I will change the invoice to 10% and resend. ********* THIS IS THE 7TH IN A SERIES OF AUCTIONS FOR THE DENNIS WORTHY ESTATE ************
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8d 7h 19m
Date(s) 2/1/2021 - 2/9/2021
Bidding Notice: Please read terms and conditions & auction details before bidding.

This is a category for fixed blade knives, folding pocketknives, and other blades for sale. Some are for real-world use, while others are collectibles, letter openers, or intended for decorative display. Here you’ll find knives from such manufacturers as Barlow, Benchmade Knife Company, Boker Knives, Buck Knives, Camillus, Case Knives, Chicago Cutlery, Frost Cutlery, Gerber Gear, Hogue, Ka-Bar, Keen Kutter, Kershaw, Parker, Schrade, SOG, SpyderCo, Utica Cutlery, Victorinox, and ZT (Zero Tolerance Knives). Items for auction include folding knives, which may be side-opening or OFT (out the front) switchblades, or fixed knives with a scrimshaw, bone, or antler grip. Some hilts are leather wrapped or wound with paracord. Useful knives include kitchen and chef cutlery, along with fillet and skinning knives for dressing game. Machetes clear away brush in farming, hiking, and camping. And the many tools in a Swiss Army knife are better than no tools at all in a pinch. Collectible blades include military sabers (ceremonial or otherwise) of German, Japanese, or American Civil War origin. There are personal defense blades such as the karambit, as well as combat weapons such as kukris and surplus bayonets. Decorative blades come in many forms, such as the samurai-style katana, Greek and Spartan short swords, medieval broadswords, and imaginative (if improbable) fantasy blades. A Bowie knife harks back to the Wild West; a Klingon Bat’leth honors your “Star Trek” fandom; and a cutlass brings to mind “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Other movies have also inspired reproductions of their sharp-edged props, including “Lord of the Rings” and “Highlander. “ Finally, there are recreational blades such as throwing knives, hatchets, and even ninja stars (shuriken) for sale online. This category is also a great place to bid on sheathes, scabbards, belt clips, and lanyard accessories. Note that certain laws may apply in your area. Sellers often post new items on, so visit again later if you don’t see the knife or sword you’ve been looking for.